Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Braless Confessons

Barbie Basics
Barbie Basics (Photo credit: dog.happy.art)
Yes, I did run errands this morning. No, I am not wearing a bra.

One of my earliest memories was of playing dress up with my older sister. She padded her new bra for me and everything and I paraded out of the bedroom. I remember my father's deep voice yelling my sister's full name (middle and all!) "Get your bra off your sister!" People sure get ruffled over who's wearing the "right" underwear.

I've never found bras natural or comfortable. Many people say that any discomfort in a bra just means you are wearing the wrong size, which is most likely true, but only part of the story. Bras may actually be unhealthy (Bra Free!)  .

 Maybe you can't say that bras cause breast cancer (I personally believe it's more complex than that), but there may be enough research to say that they reduce lymphatic flow through the breast tissue, which cannot be good.

Some say that it's impractical for all but the smallest breasts. I think not. I've been through most of the usual spectrum of bra sizes, from the pre-kids A cup to a D cup when breastfeeding my youngest child. My normal settled size is not extremely perky. Because I'm smaller my chest looks bigger than average. 

Yes, without a bra they move around more, and I have less cleavage. I don't have an issue with nipples showing, but I do wear a camisole or tank top. You don't necessarily have to throw all your bras away. Sometimes, you may want the illusion they create. Just don't wear them all day, every day. Go for a weekend day or go out to a movie without one (and notice how nobody notices). Work up to grocery shopping and other public bralessness.

Will bras go the way of the daily corset tied so tight that broken ribs were a real possibility? I don't know, but I hope so!
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